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_ Specific problems addressed by the project


Food product safety and consumer protection is a priority for all Member States as well as all accession countries like Western Balkan countries.
Western Balkan potential candidates for EU membership face several challenges regarding food product safety and consumer protection issues. In majority of countries work according to the HACCP standard is obligatory by national laws already but not working in praxis at all. Food safety standard HACCP is effective system but very frequently misunderstood and badly implemented. The work in implementing HACCP is done in Western Balkan countries often by external experts who don’t have proper knowledge and skills. In fact everyone can declare him/herself as an HACCP expert. It is observed that this was used as “market niche” and “quick money” and misused by “so called consultants”. Usually the work done on implementation of food safety standard remains only on the level of documentation (for health inspection) prepared by copy-paste system.
Because of that in some Western Balkan countries (especially FYR of Macedonia and Serbia) governmental and public opinion has negative image on safety consultants and external experts no matter if they are god ones or not that caused additional slow down successful implementation food safety standards. So there is a need for national HACCP school/excellence and resource centres which will train HACCP experts and certified their knowledge. On the national level directory of qualified consultants with “proof of professionalism” will be published enabling all interested companies and stakeholder to find a “good” expert for their needs. National HACCP schools will function also as “HACCP Excellence and resource Centres” organizing and hosting discussion groups to share experiences and on¬hand experts to examine specific problems.

















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