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_ HACCP school education in Sarajevo - BiH


Free school "Healthy Food for All"

In the framework of the EU project " VOCATIONAL EXCELLENCE ENSURING FOOD PRODUCT SAFETY AND CONSUMER PROTECTION AND COMPETITIVENESS IN WESTERN BALKANS", Chamber of Economy of Sarajevo Canton and the Slovenian Institute for Quality and Metrology, with other project partners, organizes a free training for employees in companies of food manufacturers, government agencies
and the relevant competent institutions, and training for professionals in the agriculture and food industry, the managers of agro-food sector, gastronomes and inspectors.
HACCP schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina under the title "Healthy Food for All", taking place in the period of 14 May-15 June 2012 in Sarajevo, in the three series of lectures for a period of 14 working days.
HACCP school students who successfully pass the exam at the end of the training get noticed an expert HACCP certification, issued by SIQ (the Slovenian Institute for Quality and Metrology). Number of the school students is limited to 25 candidates.

Location of the HACCP School in Sarajevo:
                Muhameda ef. Pandže 7
                71 000 SARAJEVO
Tel:         00 387 33 563 100; 00 387 33 563 400
Fax:        00 387 33 563 200; 00 387 33 563 300


HACCP School Education Programme: (download .pdf)

Terms for participants: (download .pdf)


More information:

Address:   Privredna komora Kantona Sarajevo
                    La Benevolencije 8, 71000 Sarajevo

Tel:   + 387 3 250 100

Fax:  + 387 33 250 137



I session (14. - 16. may 2012.)
1. prof.dr. Peter Raspor (SIQ, Slovenia)
2. Jelka Podbevšek Rozman (SIQ, Slovenia)
II session (21. - 23. may 2012.)
1. Antonios Perdikaris (ERDF, Greece)
2. Vladimir Mihoković M.Sc. (IAB, Slovenia)
Visiting "Meat Industry Brovis"
Visiting "Bosnian Pyramid in Visoko"
III session (28. - 30. may 2012.)
1. Tatjana Nikolić (RPKL, Serbia)
2. dr. Marcela Matulova (FRI, Slovakia)
3. prof.dr. Peter Simko (FRI, Slovakia)
4. Frosina Babanovska Milenkovska M.Sc. (HUMANOPOLIS, Macedonia)
5. Irena Javor - Korjenić (BiH)
6. Elna Kolašinac (BiH)
7. Sulejman Selimović (CES, BiH)














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