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_ The Center for Food Safety was opened in Chamber of Economy of Sarajevo Canton


Within the framework of the project "Vocational excellence ensuring food product safety, consumer protection and competitiveness in the Western Balkans", Center for food safety in BiH was opened in Chamber of Economy of Sarajevo Canton at 15th June 2012.

On this occasion, the participants were addressed by Prof. Dr. Faruk Caklovica, Rector of the University of Sarajevo; Kemal Grebo, president of the Chamber of Economy of Sarajevo Canton; Sonja Zavrl, leadership of the project from the Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology, HACCP school coaches Aleksandra Krumpak and professor Vladimir Mihokovic.

The model network of food safety was developed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia by establishing national centers for food safety / HACCP schools. Centers for Food Safety connect different stakeholders at the national level, and connecting them with similar centers and vocational schools on international level. Such cooperation contributes food safety in the entire chain, from farm to table.

The main activities of the Center for Food Safety and HACCP school will be focused on education and training in food safety, a certificate of knowledge "proof of professionalism", counseling, networking, gaining new value by exchanging knowledge and skills, organizing meetings and teaching (both domestic and international).

At the opening of the Center for Food Safety and HACCP school in Sarajevo it was organized a certificate presentation ceremony for 20 participants of the first HACCP school held in Bosnia entitled "Healthy Food for All", which is also organized as one of the activities within the framework of this project. Diplomas were presented by Sonja Zavrl and coordinator of the project in BiH Rusmira Mandic.

Participants who have successfully completed training received the internationally recognized certificate as proof of professionalism and will be actively involved in further project activities, as well as the work of the Center for Food Safety. List of experts will be published on the website of the project

According to teachers of school "Healthy Food for All" students grades from Bosnia and Herzegovina have shown enviable knowledge and have achieved remarkable results in the exam, and the organization of the school has received praise.

Chamber of Economy of Sarajevo Canton is a partner in the realization of this project. The project leader is Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology - SIQ, and other partners are: IAB - Institute for applied Biotechnology Murska Sobota, Slovenia; FRI Food Research Institute Bratislava, Slovakia; E.R.F.C. (European Regional Framework for Co-operation), Greece; HUMANOPOLIS, Foundation for education and development, FYR of Macedonia and Regional Chamber of Economy and Industry Leskovac, Serbia.

At the end of this ceremony organisators have sent special word of thanks to the European Commission who has recognized the importance and role of the issues treated in this project and provided significant financial support for its implementation.


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