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_ Activities


Main activities in the project are:

1. Design of innovative model of HACCP schools/excellence and resource centers;

2. Preparation of training materials;

3. Proof of professionalism/certification exams development;

4. Preparation of intensive target-oriented HACCP training courses with certification exam for

    a) food and agriculture specialists,
    b) managers in agro-food sector,
    c) gastronomy units and
    d) inspectors;

5. Informing potential participants, participants applications and selection;

6. Performance of training courses;

7. For region relevant case studies selection;

8. Elaboration of case studies and their  evaluation followed by experts exam;

9. Implementation of pilot HACCP schools/excellence/resource centers,

10. HACCP experts certification in partnering Western Balkan countries;

11. Best practice transfer and exchange;

12. Dissemination of information (web portal in Serbian, Macedonian, Bosnian and English language, project booklet and penguins, public closure of the project in every partnering Western Balkan country, press-conferences).
















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