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FRI – Food Research Institute Bratislava, Slovakia (Partner 2)

Food Research Institute (FRI) is a state food research institution engaged not only in coordination and research activities, but also in food informatics, legislation, extension, education, project and training activities.
The FRI coordinates monitoring of food contaminants within the Ministry of Agriculture inclusive of running the information system linked to the GEMS/Food, it represents the FAO Centre for Central and East European food databases, as well as the National Contact Point for the Codex Alimentarius FAO/WHO and the Secretariat of the Slovak Food Codex Committee.
FRI is involved in national and international research projects oriented at food chemistry, analyses, microbiology, food education, utilization of DNA-based methods, production and application of food additives, particular technological operations, optimization of technologies, as well as at nutrition modelling and complementation one of the largest food composition databases in the world.

Address: Priemyselná 4, P.O.Box 25
824 75 Bratislava 26
Slovak Republic
Tel: + 421 2502 37 139
Fax: + 421 25557 1417

















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