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Regional Chamber of Economy and Industry Leskovac, Serbia (Partner 4)

The regional chamber of commerce Leskovac is and independent, non governmental, expert, professional and interest association of all production, trade and service companies, banks, financial institutions and other legal and physical persons, dealing its registered economy activity on the territory of Jablanicki and Pcinjski Region.

The economy of area of Chamber of Leskovac is interested for the development of bilateral relationship in all sectors of economy, and especially in the part of connecting of knowledge and technology due to production for joint performance on the third markets. Much more because the existing economy potentials, mine and forest wealth are challenge for all possible forms of cooperation with partners abroad.



Address: Stojana Ljubica 12
16000 Leskovac
Tel: +381 16 250 011
Fax: +381 16 211 203


















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