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_ Results


Expected results:

  1. Food product safety/HACCP training model,
  2. Food safety/HACCP training courses,
  3. Case studies “train the trainers” for HACCP in pilot companies,
  4. Partners network and
  5. Food product safety/HACCP school/excellence-resource centers in three Western Balkan countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR of Macedonia and Serbia

Western Balkan potential candidates for EU membership face several challenges regarding food product safety and consumer protection issues. In majority of countries work according to the HACCP standard is obligatory by national laws already but not working in praxis at all.
So there is a need for national HACCP school/excellence and resource centers which will train HACCP experts and certified their knowledge.

Within the project Vocational excellence ensuring food product safety, consumer protection and competitiveness in Western Balkans national HACCP school/excellence and resource centers in three partnering Western Balkan countries will be established. On the national level directory of qualified consultants with “proof of professionalism” will be published enabling all interested companies and stakeholder to find a “good” expert for their needs. National HACCP schools will function also as “HACCP Excellence and resource Centers” organizing and hosting discussion groups to share experiences and experts to examine specific problems.
















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